feels to miss you guys … CIB.CEB mwah 🙂
you must remember when we like to joke with, and I miss it. huft 😦
when we ate together in the cafeteria.
gossiping here and there, hahahaa 😀 very funny …
when we’re girls were both lurking seniors. to call them “seniors handsome” …
when we moved the class to class acceleration near the class until we call our class “far from the civilization of the world” a bit exaggerated lol: D
the “Rangga” which is always like a woman, gossiping about the new things she has never run out of material for the re-telling for our girls ..
the “Suhari” who act cool but the same thing as my friend’s twin … lol 😀 like a nut on two sides ….

hahaha: D This time we have the task of creating a sandwich ala Mr. Supeeeerrman,,
peace, sir! and we really enjoyed this task. because we can eat. eat again. CIB.CEB hobby eat together lol: D. and the winner is: jeng jeng!! NO! WE ARE ALL WINNERS!

I have a good friend of girls *erien*, everywhere I was always with him, go to the toilet, to the canteen, to the mosque, to the library, to labor, even to the tiger cage-aka-room teacher. lol 😀